Introduction to Discrete Mathematics - Math 2001 - Fall 2012

This is the class web page for Math 2001.003 in Fall 2012 at CU Boulder.

Instructor Matt Douglass


  • Office Math 253; ph. 303-492-2312
  • Email or
  • Office Hours M 3-4, T 3-4,  F 3-4; or by appointment; or if my office door is open (and I'm inside ...) I am probably available

Course Description (from the course catalog) Introduces the ideas of rigor and proof through an examination of basic set theory, quantification theory, elementary counting, discrete probability, and additional topics.

Prerequisites MATH 1300 or APPM 1350

Text Discrete Mathematics by Kevin Ferland

Class Meets MWF 2-2:50pm MUEN E150

Exams Test 1 Friday, September 28; Test 2 Friday, November 2

Final Monday, Dec. 17, 4:30-7:00pm MUEN E064



In-Class Worksheets

Other Resources for the Final